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Alkaline Water Benefits

How Kangen Water Saved My Life

by Dolores Sieg, RN

My name is Dolores Sieg.  I am a retired Registered Nurse with over 30 years experience in the health care system. I have worked in nursing homes, hospitals, schools, and prisons around the country.  As a nurse, it was my responsibility to help my patients return to their natural health and vitality.  Little did I know that I would one day experience my own health crisis, or that I would recover from my illness naturally without using conventional medications.  This is the story of how Kangen Water saved my quality of life.

Before Kangen Water

When I was two years old, I contracted polio. As time passed, I was able to walk, though I was very clumsy. My health improved as I reached adulthood, and in time, I forgot about my childhood illness. Then, in 1999 when I was fifty-four, I began falling, occasionally at first, and then with greater frequency. The following year, I was in a wheelchair. Post Polio Syndrome was the diagnosis. I had to leave my beloved job as a nurse, and I was put on disability.

Doctors did not think that I would ever be able to walk again. A specialist told me I would soon be in a total care nursing care facility with no chance of ever being independent. Life appeared grim and I was in complete despair. During the following weeks, I began to realize I had many good reasons to go on: I wanted to be with my family and I longed to play with my grandchildren. After months of research, I began my rehabilitation, which included working with stretch bands, swimming, special diet, and a strong determination to walk again. Eventually, I was able to return to work on a full-time basis.

Discovering Kangen Water

During 2008, I began to weaken again, losing what strength I had gained. That fall, I left my job and returned to total disability. In October of 2008, my friend Thelma from Texas called me and said, “Dolores, with your health problems, you should be drinking Kangen Water.” Hum! What was Kangen Water?

Being a skeptic, but willing to try anything, I researched all of the water ionizers available and determined that Enagic’s Kangen machines were the best on the market. My husband and I drove for five hours from our home in New Mexico to Texas and filled many five-gallon jugs of Kangen alkaline water from Thelma’s Enagic machine.

As soon as I drank the Kangen Water, I started to feel better. On the drive from Texas back to New Mexico, I drank from my supply of Kangen Water. I felt my energy returning and I enjoyed my newfound mobility for a few weeks until I ran out of my special supply of water. The day after I finished my last gallon, I went into a slump and had difficulty walking. I realized it must have been the Kangen Water!

My Kangen Water Machine

I called Thelma and ordered a Kangen Water system from Enagic. When it arrived, I hooked it up to my kitchen faucet and drank two gallons of Kangen alkaline water. The next morning, I was able to walk with greater ease and freedom. Soon, I was even able to go on vacation with my husband, taking my Kangen machine with me to our hotel. Every morning, I made myself a fresh supply of alkaline water to replenish my body. I even took my Kangen machine on a cruise.

Alkaline Water Benefits

My health continues to improve every day. My height has increased since I started drinking Kangen Water. Even my chiropractor notices changes in my body each time that I see him. My chiropractor attributes the changes to the Kangen Water. He says that as we age, our discs shrink from dehydration. By drinking Kangen Water, I am re-hydrating the disks in my back and reversing the aging process in my spine.

Not only has my back changed, but the arthritis in my hands and knees has also diminished to the point where my joints less painful. Since beginning my Kangen Water treatment, I am able to take daily walks and enjoy the outdoors in a way that I never thought I would again. Life gets better and better each day, and I attribute it all to the Kangen Water.

Buy Kangen Water

I have researched all of the alkaline water machines available and have decided that Enagic’s Kangen Water systems are the best on the market. Enagic’s machines are long lasting, have a five year guarantee, and produce five levels of pH water that will help restore your health.

Please contact me to find out how switching to Kangen Water can change your life!